Sex In Water Advices | How To: Aqua Sex And Water Sex Tips

Swimming Pool Sex Reviews

Swimming pool sex is something all sexually active people have fantasized about if not actually tried out sometime or the other. There is something about a pool of fresh clean water that screams sex. Pool side clothing or rather the lack of it, also adds to the appeal of having sex in the pool and this is why most men will jump at the idea.

When wondering about how to have sex in a pool, it will help to work with the advice listed below.

Sex at a pool does not mean that you jump into the water and begin thrusting. The activity does involve some foreplay and background building too. Begin by swimming a little so as to get your body warmed up for the act. Feeling your partner and using oral techniques to bring in the sexual angle will help tremendously. Underwater swimmers do have a great advantage here.

Keeping a condom on inside the pool can be quite a task, since it tends to slip of easily even during acts of foreplay. So do play special attention to this aspect. Keep in mind that using a silicone lube will come in handy since the chorine water of the pool does wash away the natural lubrication of the body. Applying the lube before you enter the water will work quite well.

While there is no restriction about the positions you can adopt while having sex at pool, some do work better than others. Positions that have both the partners standing are better than having the partners lying down. Even ladies who are on the heavier side can easily be lifted and this is one of the main reasons why men like to lift their women and have their legs wrapped around their waists while having sex in the pool. Doggy can be tried out in the shallow end of the pool. Floating ladies do well too, while the men stand erect and guide the thrusting. The hot tub hug is a huge success also though it works best in cases where there are steps leading down to the water.

Pool Sex

Having sex in a pool is usually a very safe activity and even recommended to pregnant women. However, it is also important to maintain some caution. The chlorine content in the water can irritate the vagina and even cause a rash and therefore immediate cleaning of the area after having sex in the pool is important.

When having sex at a pool, do remember that the fear of drowning is always there. There are other disadvantages like the need to use an artificial lube, having to stick with standing poses, slippery swimming pool floors and even heightened fear of infections. There are several advantages too over and above heightened pleasure. Those who suffer from back injuries also find this activity rather therapeutic.

In short, swimming pool sex is indeed worth a try but it is advisable to work with a private pool as opposed to a public one, since this decreases chances of infection.