Sex In Water Advices | How To: Aqua Sex And Water Sex Tips

Water Orgasms: Make Them Happen

A female water orgasm can create huge waves in your sex life. The techniques work wonders even for those women who find it difficult to achieve an orgasm during regular sexual activities. Having fun with water orgasms is a great way to add variety and spice to your sexual encounters.

Most of us feel that water orgasms are nothing more than an orgasm in water. This is not entirely true. An orgasm that is achieved due to the play of water is a water orgasm. The couple maybe in a pool, under the shower or even in a bath tub, the orgasm will be attained by the force of water working on the sexual parts of a person.

The intensity of these orgasms is said to be highly titillating especially for the females. The play of water against the clitoris and other sensitive nerves of the female anatomy, help the lady in experiencing orgasms that are not only strong but also longer.

The water also acts as a lube during water sex and this helps both men and women to slide easily on each others bodies. Women who experience trouble during intercourse find that the water allows for a much smoother entry and therefore helps in eliminating the pain. Stimulating your lady after she has been well lubricated with the water will make her relax and enjoy the experience with great ease. The feel of water is a huge turn on and this is one of the main reasons why couples find it very exciting to bathe together.

So, how does one go about achieving a water orgasm? The best part about a water orgasm is that it has no restrictions. Right from using a water gun to opting for the bubbles of the Jacuzzi, almost anything works. A water jet orgasm requires nothing but water and an open mind. The force of water on the clitoris can be achieved both while using masturbations techniques as well as going with regular intercourse. One can even add several props when targeting water sex. The use of soap, water sex toys and even silicon sex props is very common when experiment with water.

When targeting water sex and orgasms, it will help to adopt sexual poses that leave the clitoris exposed to the flow of water. This allows the ladies to experience the joy of having their G spots stimulated by the male organ, while letting the water pressure go to work on the clitoris. So, rear entry positions are a good as opposed to the missionary etc.

Ignoring this aspect of sex could be quite a waste. Women, who have tried their hand at orgasms that have been induced by water, state that they have been one of the most intense ones of their lives. The female water orgasm is definitely a must try for every sexually active lady out there and men can help tremendously here.